Blogging As A Career, How Does It Translate Into Money?

In this article, I will be revealing to you how blogging is translated into money. In other word, I will show you what you need to make income as you chose blogging as a permanent or per time job.

As we all know that there are no or little job in Nigeria and many peolple are looking for means of getting money both offline and online. Some have decided to start blogging but most of this young people do not know what to do to start making a good income.

First of all before you start getting income, you need to set up your blog or websites. For you to start reading this post, you must have set up your blog because this post is not going to teach you that.
Secondly, you need to start getting traffics on your website after you have create a good number of post a on the website
Thirdly, you should apply for an advertising company. There are many companies out there however, I will suggest better one that is more authentic.
1.Google AdSense this company is widely known and trusted and it is own by GOOGLE they pay in dollars and the minimum payout is 100$
2.Propeller Ads, they pay in dollars, their minimum payout is 5$
4.AdNaira, this company is base in Nigeria and they pay in naira, the minimum payout is ₦2000

Finally, after you must have apply and your application is approved, there will be a code that you will placed on the blog. Once the code is placed, some advertisement banners will start displaying on the blog, anyone that click on it is what translates into money. THANKS

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