Differences Between Gospel Music And Secular Music

Music is when there is a combination of two or more sounds together together with voice.

Also music is a powerful insrument that is capableble of controlling ones emotion and fillings. According to the bible, the first musician is the Satan.

Back to the main topic: Differences Between Gospel Music And Secular Music; well, from my own opinion, gospel music is the type of music which glorify God, it 8s always about God as it praises the King “JESUS”. It is about living a good life, the lyrics of gospel songs are filled decent words.

Secular song on the other hand, is the type of music that is filled with all kinds of lyrics that good to for our earing, the song might includes God in the lyrics but full of sinful act and what have you.

Gospel song are inpired by the Holy spirit and the words of God, while secular songs are not.

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