Drug Abuse: A Constraints To National Growth And Development

The Nigerian youths are found in taken drugs and harmful substances without any prescription from the doctor, this kinds of mannerisms gone far into the contemporary youths. Many young people depends on drugs so much that they couldn’t do anything on their own without taken drugs that will enhance their performance. Such drugs includes; tramadol, India Helm, taken drugs that are not prescribed and sexual drug that enhance performance.

There was a day that I visited a shop selling drugs, the a young boy came to buy a drug that will make him perform well on bed. I was surprised because most of these drugs are made for old people who have weak erection. However, most of these young boys still takes it, forgotten that in fut6they might have problems with their self and wife.

This kind of behaviour is a big problem in the growth and development of our country, as this young people that supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow will end up to be bad gangs.

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