Is Drinking Alcohol As A Christian Good Or Bad

Many Christians and Churches have different opinions as to if taken alcohol is okay or not as followers of Jesus.

However, some Christian groups allows taken of alcohol, according to this group of believers, it is not a sin to drink alcohol when you drink responsive.

While some are strongly against alcohol, this group of Christians believes that if you keep drinking alcohol or you’re a drunker you’re a sinners.

This piece of information makes me to remember what happened between a preacher who normally goes out in the morning before people wakes up and and a man who sells alcohol in my community (both of them are Christians).

Anytime the evangelist goes out in the morning to preach, he normally say some sensitive words like:

“If you put on trousers you will go to hell, If you get more than two wives you will go to hell, If you drink alcohol you will go to hell” etc

Some people in the community where upset, like Muslims who reported the evangelist to the police and some of the people that sells alcohol took the case to the community meeting. However, his activities was suspended.

Now, back to the question, Is Drinking Alcohol As A Christian Good Or Bad?

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