The Role of Churches In The Development Of Nigeria

The church is a group of two or more people that are assemble in the worship of Father (God), Jesus (son) and the Holy Spirit. This group of people worship God in spirit and in truth, singing songs or worship and adoration unto God.

This piece of information is to explain the roles of the church in the development of our societies in Nigeria.

First of all one of the major role of the church is to make sure that the people of the society are spiritually cantered towards God the maker of all being.
Secondly, the church is a partner or agent that help to eradicate crime in the society such as arm rubbery, corruption, drug abuse, prostitution and so many related acts.
Further more the church is responsible for job creation and poverty reduction. As it can be seen perform by some churches in Nigeria and we hope this kind of development will be replicated by other churches in Nigeria to totally reduce poverty.

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